Fitness Report 10Oct09

Waist – 40″

Weight – 213 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 27% / 29%

Overweight by – 24 pounds

Exercising – No. Doctor has forbidden it.

Dieting – Yes, though I ate a munch of cookies last night at “game night”

I feel – Tired, but OK

Subtle fluctuations this week. The first week my official stats have gone up. Yesterday morning I was lower, but like most weeks the officially recorded one is the highest of the week. The worst part is my doctor not letting me exercise. Normally I can burn off things like extra cookies doing kendo or whatever, but that wasn’t an option this week. My knee DOES look a little less swollen today, and it definitely isn’t as sore, so I guess I’ll have to risk gaining back a couple pounds to get better. And I want to be good for the kendo tournament in November. Which reminds me, I have to call and make hotel reservations…

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