Personal Links Section

Myspace Here is where I am keeping my online photo albums for right now. You don’t have to add me as a friend to look at them, though you can send a request if you want. I don’t use Myspace for much anymore, though.

ShutterFly This is where I am moving my online photo albums to right now. May take awhile…

Facebook Whoo hoo! Finally freed myself from the tyranny of social media! In other words, I no longer have a FB account. I suppose I still have the Myspace account, but nobody looks at Myspace anymore, do they?

Deviant Art For collecting my scribbles of a less serious nature. Drawings of Space Marines doing the cha-cha or whatever, stuff like that. I don’t really use it much, but that’s something I’m working on…

MyAnimeList For I am a huge nerd who is really into mecha anime. Here you can see the anime and manga that I’ve consumed. Why? I don’t know. Because.

You can send post to me electronically at max (located at) romanticantihero (period) com

Other Links Section

Kansas City Kendo Club – My home kendo club, affiliated with the MWKF and AUSKF.

Games Workshop – Home page of the producers of Warhammer 40,000 games and models.

Bolter & Chainsword – The B&C is the forum for all your Space Marine related needs.

CGL’s Classic Battletech – Catalyst Games Lab is the current owner and producer of the Battletech IP.

Ganesh Games – Publishers of the Song of Blades system.

Reaper Miniatures – The best pewter miniatures and easily searchable online store for all your RPG character needs.

Haphazard Projects – Creators of the DPS gaming system and publishers of Insanity.