Rec Room

This page is all about the stuff that keeps me sane, the hobbies that channel my frustration or keep me too busy to get into trouble.

RPG Journals

Character Gallery – The tabletop miniatures and character portraits that represent the Characters who kept these RPG Journals.

Arthur’s Journal – Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition – The Lovecraftian adventures of Lord Arthur Dunwich, the misunderstood and melancholy human Astral Path Warlock, and Howard, his tentacled familiar and dearest friend. (ongoing) Password protected.

Hyperspace Bums – Star Wars: Edge of the Empireβ – Strange dice and even stranger dudes, the tale of the cast and crew of the Easy Rider, Sagan Redshift’s galactic tour bus in search of the Meaning of Life. +ongoing+ Password protected.

Kaptinz Log – Dark Heresy – In the grim darkness of the future, there is only percentile dice. The saga of Kaptin Shokrateez Madbrainz, a proppa green spayse adventurah an’ roight ‘andsome lad. =retired= Password protected.

IH-8(u)/Data Backup – Star Wars Saga Edition – The pulp fiction space opera of IH-8(u), elite lightsaber training droid and frustrated “Jedi” with a Pinocchio Complex. –suspended– Password protected.

Antigone’s Scrapbook – Dark Heresy – Sometimes it’s tough when your dad is the Emperor of Mankind… Seraphim Sister Antigone L’Haineux likes scrapbooking, ponies, and setting witches on fire! Yay! –suspended– Password protected.

The Confessions of Frithrik Ritter – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2cnd Edition – A dark tale of survival, Frithrik is caught between his own vices of gambling, drinking, and thrill seeking, and the horrific reality of everyday life in the dread domains of Ravenloft. –suspended– Password Protected.

Miniature Gaming

Captain Burdock Rabscuttle’s Wide Patrol – My Splintered Lands army, a company of militant Hares based on a mash-up of Watership Down and Redwall factions.

The Goryō Dragoons – My Battletech army, a fairly undefined company of battlemechs in the service of House Kurita, but probably not an official part of the DCMS.

Battle Reports – The battle honors of my table top armies, which I don’t record often.

Heraldry, Vexillology, & Logo Design

Patches – My Dad started giving me old Army patches when I was young, and over the years I have expanded my collection of patches to include flags, bands, scooter, beer, gaming… pretty much any activity that has a patch I will be interested in it, and here they are.

1. Scooter Patches – Rally patches from rallies I attended from 2000 through 2010.

2. Music Patches – My collection of remaining patches from when I was all about going to punk rock or ska shows and the like.

3. Miscellaneous Patches 1 – The first of what will probably be several photo collections of random patches relating to interests like television shows, internet forums, and stuff like that.

4. College, Sports, & Beer Patches – This combination made so much sense that I had to group them this way instead of putting them under “miscellaneous”.

5. Scooter Riding Patches – Not rally patches, but club patches as well as brand loyalty type stuff.

Flags – While I despise the misery of politics, a keen interest in history, philosophy, and colorful designs led to an interest in vexillology, which is the scientific study of flags. Basically I just collect flags, though lack of space to display them has kept the collection fairly small.

1. State & National Flag Patches – My collection of political entity flags, with brief commentary on my feelings (or more specifically lack thereof, on said politics). This could go either here or up in the patch category, but the primary focus of the post is about the flag rather than the patch, so here it stays.

Scarves – I grew up playing soccer, and as an adult became an enthusiastic supporter of Kansas City. The original KC supporters club (the Mystics, which I was associated with) had European style supporters club scarves made, which introduced me to the existence of these neat things. I started collecting just any old football scarves at first, but moved to only buying and wearing scarves for things I was personally associated with. (coming soon)

Pins, badges, buttons, & miscellany – Another result of my Army brat upbringing and my own veteran status, I acquire these things without much thought or effort, but have a soft spot for my shiny and colorful little things. (coming soon)

Logo Design – Miscellaneous things I have designed and sometimes produced for various reasons over the years.