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I’m a middle-aged and aging (ex?) trad-skin trying to figure things out. I write essays on whatever I’m thinking about; I write short stories whenever I feel like it; I write poetry sometimes; I’ve been known to paint a thing or two; I like to screw around with graphic design; I make comics once in a blue moon; I’ve designed a T-shirt or two; I am obsessed with weird shit like flags and maps; I once hosted an outlaw tattoo collective; I know how to fly small helicopters but never get to anymore because it’s expensive like you wouldn’t believe; I love mecha anime and one day will assemble my Gunpla models; I have an addiction to Warhammer 40k models; I love my two cats; I am a vintage Vespa scooterist, though my current ride is a Stella; I am an agnostic; I am more or less Asatruar, depending on who you ask; I willfully and obnoxiously use semicolons; I once started a discussion group promoting “compassionate fascism” but shut it down because nobody has a sense of humor anymore; I converted to Catholicism after 9/11; I nearly converted to Buddhism about eight years after that, but decided not to join anything organised ever again instead; I converted to Asatru because it doesn’t have a Pope, nobody asks me for money, and Odin is cool; I wish Stephen Fry was one of my uncles; I am struggling to reconcile my middle class upbringing and expectations with the reality that I am an antisocial deviant who has fucked his chance at that sort of adult life for himself up fairly completely; I used to be in the Army but I never had to kill anybody and wasn’t particularly good at not getting in trouble all the fucking time; I dance like a crazy person and don’t care if anybody thinks it looks stupid; I love ska and reggae and punk and hardcore and showtunes and New Wave and anything that I like because I finally figured out that identifying yourself through what music you listen to is ultimately unproductive, though I will always be a skanking baldie; I am divorced and have two adopted teenaged children; I have two cats but no dogs; I love Japanese language study and can sort of follow along when not looking at subtitles; Takeshi Kitano is a badass; I took a semester of Chinese but sucked at it; I have a bachelor’s degree; I play kendo; I used to do iaido, but my iaito got stolen and I quit going because that depressed me, and then my teacher moved to Wisconsin or some shit like that; I once wrote a 100,000 plus word young-adult fantasy book that in retrospect really sucked; I love role-playing games; I used to play rugby but quit because I liked kendo more; I tried out olympic fencing in college but quit because I liked kendo more; I have terrible knees mainly because of being in the Army; I was once a Republican but then I got better; I was once a Libertarian but managed to get off that bandwagon a long time before anybody had ever heard of this Tea Party nonsense; I was born in the South but don’t have an accent anymore unless I go back to visit relatives; I have a love/hate relationship with life in Kansas; I would like to spend at least a year living in a foreign country; if I could choose any country for that, it would be Japan, with Britain a close second; I did my study abroad at Cambridge, which ultimately made me even more jealous of people who can properly study there; I wouldn’t bother to read anyone else’s about me page if it looked like this mess, and don’t blame you if you didn’t. I am a proud Kansas Jayhawk alumni; I also went to Kansas State University; I also went to Emporia State Normal; I was asked politely to resign from high school because I was in the “gifted” program but never went to class and had a 0.whatever GPA; I have an Associate’s Degree from Johnson County CC; I also went to Kansas City Kansas CC; I suck at math and science, but finally decided they were actually cool; I got my Bachelor’s Degree at the age of 35 because I never quit when there’s something I want; my name is somewhere in a Duke University study of children with high IQs, and I suspect that I screwed up the statistics with my anti-institutional behavior; I grew up on a military post, and this warped my perspective of what life is really like, but I think I have at least figured that part of my life out by now; I am tired of writing this, so I’m done; I’m serious this time; here I go, about to hit “update”; Yep