Fitness Report 11Sep09

Waist – 40″ + a skosh

Weight – 215.0 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 27% / 29.7%

Overweight by – 26 pounds

Exercising – Yes, but still limited by my knee injury

Dieting – Yes, though I ate more Jimmy John’s tuna fish than I should have this week

I feel – Pretty good

New features! I’m going to be tracking my body fat percentage as well, from now on. The first number is from an online calculator that is set up to help people self-screen for Army recruitment, that uses tape measure input. The second number is from my fancy scale that uses electrical resistance measuring. I honestly don’t trust either method, so I’m providing both and reckoning the number to be generally represented in there somewhere. I’m also putting the difference between my initial target weight on here (189 pounds). I’d like to be smaller than that, but we’re doing this in stages. My next milestone is safely under 210lbs. It seems like I’m losing about a pounds a week right now, and that’s acceptable.

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