Cambridge Journal: Day 17

OK, so I had a bunch of neat pictures from today, but my iPhone and my MacBook were having communication issues, and now I don’t anymore. But it’s OK, it’s nothing I can’t take more pictures of. Probably.

So today we had another day of constitutional law and all that. Great stuff, so moving right along. I thought I’d go to the “Classical Archaeological Museum”, because that sounds like something totally cool. It’s even on the map I got of Cambridge. Trouble is, it wasn’t actually anywhere I could find. But I’m just out walking around places I’ve never been before, so whatever.

I end up taking a couple wrong turns on the way back from where the map said the museum would be, and I end up going the opposite direction of the Earth Sciences Museum, which was destination 2 in my plan for the day. I ended up walking down Regent Street again, so I popped into a local chip shop and had a burger for lunch. And it was way reasonable too, probably the most reasonable food I’ve had the entire time I’ve been here. I would call it outright cheap, yet very good. I will definitely be going back there.

But that’s neither here nor there. I stopped back in the Games Workshop on the way back (it’s on Regent Street, so why not?) and chatted with the clerks there for a bit. I bought the latest Horus Heresy paperback and went on my merry way, happy to have something recreational to read. Which I did read, sitting on the river-wall over looking the Cam, which is the best place in the world to read anything, really.

After dinner my friends and I set out for the north side of town to watch a pre-season football match. Cambridge City were playing Luton, and I figured that I couldn’t come to England without seeing a proper football match. The grounds were very small, smaller than a 6A high school stadium if you want a point of reference. But at least there wasn’t a track around the field. It was very intimate, and we ended up watching the match leaning on a rail right up next to the touch line. It’s way cool to be that close and to hear the referees and the players talking and all that. I had a couple of pictures of it, but the Digitial Gods ate them. As a student it was only £5 to get in, and the club shop sold £2 scarves:

They’re kind of cheap scarves, one-sided and screen-printed, but for a £2 souvenir, what the hell? Also, Cambridge City has been a team for over 100 years, and that is awesome.

Today I also went to a second hand store and bought a £5 suit jacket, because 1) a second hand suit jacket that actually fit me for only£5 ($8.50), and 2) I don’t want to be the only one not wearing a jacket again when we go back to London this Friday to visit the Royal Courts.

But yeah, the pictures I took today were neat…


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