Cambridge Journal: Day 16

It’s been a long weekend, friends. Thursday, as mentioned previously, I spent the day in London and then returned home to Cambridge. Out of sheer exhaustion I slept for the better part of Friday, but I did get up and out in the afternoon and head toward a section of Cambridge I hadn’t been before. What I did was find a movie theater, and so I watched the “Shrek 3D” film.

It was good.

The movie theater was also in a mall, one I hadn’t known about. The Lyon market and the Grafton are within walking distance of each other, which I believe is weird, because how do you have tow shopping malls that close? The Grafton seemed to be more local people, whereas the Lyon market is jam-packed full of tourists visiting city center.

The malls here are different, in that the buildings are open 24hours, but the stores draw their shutters at 5pm. 6pm on late shopping night! Saturday I went back and visited the “£Store”, which is exactly what you’d think it would be. I bought some hangars to dry my shirts with and some washing powder. Then, just for the heck of it, I went and saw the movie “Predators”.

It was OK.

After that I stopped by Sainsbury’s, and had my first real moment of, “goddammit what’s wrong with this country?” All I wanted was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Something low budget yet good, yeah? As any of you on my FaceBook friend list may already know, “English peanut butter is rubbish”. Also: no grape jelly. If there had been something weird about their bread I may have just gone insane right there in the grocery store.

But I got some chicken on a stick and some “fiery ginger-beer” too, so that was cool. The ginger-beer here actually tastes like ginger, which is not what I’m used to but you can hardly fault it for that. I mean, it’s ginger beer, it ought to taste like ginger. They also have some sort of dandelion soda or something like that I want to try before I leave. It totally reminds me of all those Redwall books I used to read where they are constantly feasting on weird things made from field plants. Saturday night there was a sudden outbreak of fireworks from King’s College next door, probably related to all the commencement ceremony stuff that was going on during the day. It was neat seeing people walking around in wizard robes, tuxedos and top hats.

Sunday people started to filter back in from their trips around Europe. I met up with a friend and we walked down to the Subway to get some real sandwiches, something I was keen to do after the previous night’s thoroughly disappointing PB&J experience. I stopped by the Games Workshop store and picked up a small 3 model blister pack of Sisters of Battle, just as a souvenir of visiting the home country. Later on the same friend and I found ourselves at a Spanish restaurant doing an all-you-can-eat tapas thing for on the cheap, which unfortunately came back to haunt me today.

After that instead of doing more laundry I ended up discussing politics with some of the KU people here, who it turns out are polysci majors. That was interesting, but I had to go to sleep sometime. This morning I woke up not feeling terribly well, the tapas adventure being largely to blame. Also, the service was not that great, but that’s neither here nor there, I suppose. I’ve noticed that the only people who seem to be in any kind of hurry are the bus drivers and the angry working class blokes that drive the little white delivery vans. Nobody else seems to have anything else to do but stand on the sidewalk, but those van and bus drivers are scary the way they tear through the city.

Today we started our constitutional law class, which was interesting. Like I said, I haven’t been feeling well all day, though. After class I took a nap and have been just sort of “bleh” the rest of today. I’m writing my journal early because after this I intend to go out for a walk to try and get the blood moving to maybe feel better. Also I am probably going to be camped out in the laundry room all night.

I guess this is the part of the trip where the newness has worn off. I mean, it’s still the coolest thing I’ve done all year and will do all year, maybe even my whole college career, but life is life, and right now it’s making me tired. And I miss my everyone, too.


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