Going Home

I wrote this in 2009 for Midsummer to pay shyld to Odin for a Winternight’s oath gone wrong. Let’s hope that the Old Man liked it.

✦   ✦   ✦   ✦   ✦   ✦   ✦   ✦

Wandering along the way
I stopped to think.
I had come this way before,
Though no nearer my father’s hearth,

When familiar symmetry I saw.
Considering the crisscrossed path
And standing back, recognized
That I overlooked before:

I had trod upon the path
From one to another short side,
Neither looking left nor right,
Unheeding the familiar.

Written in the sweat and blood,
Carved in the heart of experience,
My old man taught me to read
By throwing me in the deep end,

And I followed the signs home.

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Filed under Faith, Right Living, Stories & Poems, The Heathen Gods

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