Cambridge Journal: Day 4

No pictures today…

We’re starting to get into the groove of class, and today even presented arguments based on international law. I ended up as spokesman for our team, and with the help of a classmate who picked up my oratory slack when I started to flounder (though I picked myself back up for the rebuttal), our team c0nvinced a panel of fellow students that our case was better. Good stuff.

After class I was going to go kick the soccer ball around the park, but I ended up taking a heavy nap instead. I woke up for dinner, and tonight there was a different guy in charge of the serving line who was making fun of one of my classmates for taking a double serving of dessert, suggesting that he was going to bring him a bucket to put his dinner in tomorrow. Which made me put my second bowl away (I wanted a green salad and some potato salad…) because I didn’t want him making fun of me too. Later he came out and was mocking one of our classmates who filled up a small glass with ketchup for his fries. I mean, it was funny and all that, but still.

After dinner we headed out to a pub (an honest to goodness pub, not just a bar) called “the County Arms” that was across the river and more toward the residential section of town that another of my classmates had plotted for us. For whatever reason one of my regular companions and I took off early and followed a different route. We got there first and secured a space, and soon the rest of us came in. We were there to watch Germany play Spain in their World Cup match, and throughout the first half locals filtered in and eventually filled the place. There seemed to be only the first two of us there who were rooting for Germany; everyone else seemed to either for Spain to win or uncommitted.

Walking back the two of us who got there early deviated from the group again and went in search of an ice cream store we had passed the day before. Getting there we discovered that they wanted far too much for a little scoop of ice cream, so we wandered back to Sainsbury’s and got some store bought for much cheaper.  The city center was full of Spanish students chanting and singing because their nation won the match, and we could hear that somewhere some of them had got their hands on some fireworks and were setting them off. After that we walked back, and I ran up to my room to change out of my school clothes and met everyone else back on the wall overlooking the river. One of our professors was there and we hung out for a bit talking about books and movies and whatnot, but everyone cashed out early this evening.

My proposed trip to Scotland is up in the air right now, as I have discovered that it may be twice the cost I was thinking it would be. Complaining about this I was directed to a website that offers a better choice of cheap rail fares and given other suggestions to reduce cost as well, so we’ll see if that’s still on or not.

At some point, I think next week, we’re taking a school trip into London to rub elbows with some lawmakers and see some cool government stuff. We’re kicking around the idea of all of us getting Trinity Hall ties from the shop I posted about yesterday, which would be cool, I think.

I’ve got to listen to a podcast before I got to sleep, which got mixed reviews from my classmates, but it sounds like tomorrow will be an interesting day in class either way.



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2 responses to “Cambridge Journal: Day 4

  1. charlie

    luck bastard. i think the bucket comment was a monty python reference. the meaning of life.

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