Cambridge Journal: Day -3

So here it is three days before I board the plane to head toward England and my summer studies at the University of Cambridge. I’ve got a lot of stuff to do between now and then, and here I sit blogging while I should be getting started on it. But you’ve got to start these things somewhere, so I thought I’d start this journal during the preparation activities.

The first half of the summer semester is just about over. I’m currently maintaining a 96% in that class (Principles of Human Geography) according to the Blackboard website, and reckon it’ll probably stay around there. Tomorrow is the last day that class will meet, and I’ve got a couple of one page papers to write, a short answer question of some kind and a couple of online quizzes. It’s been an interesting class, much more so than I expected it would be.

I don’t even own an appropriate suitcase to go to another country with, is the funny thing. I have an old piece of luggage that I was using for my kendo gear, but I think it’s probably much too big since I don’t want to have to pay extra luggage fees. I borrowed a suitcase from my parents today, one I think they bought for their cruise last year. I know what clothes I want to take, and have an idea of what other things, but I don’t know how the weight is all going to pan out. Airlines have got crazy about weight limits and fees since oil prices started climbing.

So anyway, like I said I’ve got a ton of stuff to do, and I need to get on it. I will be updating a “Cambridge Journal” probably fairly often, so if you’re curious or just plain miss me (like I will miss you), it will be here for your reading and viewing enjoyment. I will maybe do another one tomorrow, probably do another one Friday, doubt I will do one on Saturday, and will definitely do one on Sunday. Sunday, the 4th of July, is when I will be arriving in London and moving into Trinity Hall, so at the very least I will post something saying I’m there as soon as I can. I don’t know what the internet situation will be like, so I can’t actually promise when things will show up, but I will definitely write something to post at the earliest possible opportunity.


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