Battle Reports

Splintered Lands

The Battle of the Old Oak Tree – The Mouse Guard, Finnegan the Blade’s otter tribe, and Captain Rabscuttle’s Wide Patrol rush to defend the symbol of strength and freedom in the northern part of the woodlands from a rampaging Vermin Horde led by the cruel Rufur and his champions Skurr the Warlock and the savage wolverine champion Durge. (Tactical Maps & Description)

Defending the Borders of Raspberry Haven – Local badger and upstanding citizen Mellivor Braw helps the hares of the Wide Patrol track down and run off two different groups of strangers threatening the border lands of the county. (Tactical Maps & Description)

Captain Burdock’s War Room – The Wide Patrol, feared throughout the land, finally has their victory streak broken. After a series of trial combats the campaign roster is finalized, and the good captain reflects on what he’s learned in preparation for the war. (Descriptions & AAR)


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