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Fitness Report 29Jan10

Waist – 43″ (?)

Weight – 224.2 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 49.4%(scale)/31%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 35 pounds

Exercising – Slowly getting back into the swing of things

Dieting – Same as above

I feel – Tired

This is part of my backlog. I took these measurements, as funky and unreliable as they seem to be, on the date this claims to have been published, though in reality it’s about a week later. Been busy with school, going to catch my blog up over this weekend…

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First Club Practices of Semester & NRA Membership

It takes a while to get back going after the winter break. First it was learning all my new classes, then it was University of Kansas basketball games making practices impossible. This week I finally got to my sport clubs at KU, and I also started jogging again. It sucks having to jog with a knee brace on, but until I can come up with the money to get my surgery that’s just the way it’s going to be. I haven’t done much exercise since I hurt my knee, the last thing I really put a lot of effort into being the Chicago Kendo Tournament. When I started jogging I was surprised that I easily made my goal for that workout. I wasn’t surprised when I hurt so much afterward. But the next day (yesterday) I did two hours of fencing and two hours of kendo. KU Kendo is fast and hard, and coming after the fencing class I burned out quickly. I could barely lift my arms to swing! It was great to be back, though.

Also, I got my National Rifle Association membership kit in the mail the other day. I got a membership card and a hat. The hat was fairly decent for a cheapo thing, and I actually wore it to school yesterday. They also sent me a bunch of papers asking for more money, which is funny because I just bought my membership. You’d think they’d at least put those requests in a second mailing. “Thanks for your annual dues, give us more money!” But supporting the Second Amendment is something I firmly believe in. I’ve been reluctant to participate in national organizations in the past, and I still am, but the NRA seems to be a solid thing. Not to mention that I’m dreading a repeat of the Clinton era anti-gun legislation. I took a class with my younger son at the Lawrence community center, where the local gun club has an indoor shooting range, so now that I have my NRA membership I can get my club membership at a discount, and my NRA membership will help them keep their NRA insurance. I’ve got two new pistols I have yet to shoot, and it’s driving me crazy.

I am so sore today…


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The First Week of the Spring 2010 Semester

I started the Spring semester last Thursday, 14Jan10. It’s been a hectic week, to say the least. The University of Kansas always starts on a Thursday. I’m not sure why. That odd fact, coupled with Martin Luther King Jr Day, meant I didn’t attend my MW Fiction Writing class until today. It was strange for nearly an entire week to go by after the start of school to start an individual class.

I have a positive feeling about all of my classes. I believe that I’m over the initial shock of being at KU, and all of that stuff should have been worked out of my system last semester. I’m back in the groove at KU, and I hit the ground running this semester. My extra curricular activities are still in the process of getting sorted out, but that was expected. Next Monday I’ll be back at fencing and kendo and all that. I have a lot to read this semester. A LOT to read this semester…

Earlier this evening I signed up for a KAPLAN prep course for the LSAT. Starting in March I’m going to be taking in-class instruction and preparation for scoring as well as I possibly can on the entrance exams for law school. My GPA is slowly working its way up to where it needs to be, but the clincher will be if I can score well on the test. I took an online practice test and did pretty good for someone who’d never seen an LSAT before and was totally unprepared for it (a 150-something). I need to get in the 160’s to deserve the absurd amounts of self confidence I have about this venture.

I got myself a new cat last week, too. Her name is Drífa, which is an Icelandic given name that means something along the lines of “big snow drift”. She’s a young gray short-haired tabby, and she’s full of ridiculous energy. I got her because of Tomo, my other cat, who’s name is Japanese and means “wisdom”, something she definitely does not embody! Because of my crazy schedule I’m out of the house a lot, and ever since my room-mate moved out and took his cat with him Tomo has been sort of lonely and stir crazy. They get along surprisingly well for having known each other such a short time, and I think they will be fast friends in not very long at all. It’s nice to have the home occupied instead of empty, even if they both aggravate the crap out of me with some of their antics.

Lastly, my uncle Joe died last Friday morning. This may seem like something too sad for a blog about positive things, but there were several positive experiences that came with my uncle’s passing. Joe was a good man and I loved him. Unfortunately Uncle Joe fell into that category of family that one takes for granted, and doesn’t visit or communicate with as one should. He was a fixture of my young life owing to annual visits “down home”. I haven’t lived in Alabama or Georgia since I was five, but they will always be “down home” to me, and Uncle Joe is one of the reasons that this is so. I last spoke with Uncle Joe during Yule when he called to wish my mother a merry Christmas. It was one of those brief things; I hollered “Hey Uncle Joe!” at the phone when Ma was talking and she held the phone away from her ear briefly so I could hear his response. I was planning on visiting down home for spring break. I had planned on visiting during fall break, but opted to go to a kendo tournament in Chicago instead due to the timing. It didn’t occur to me that Death would have another scheduling conflict, so instead of going down home to see him in March I ended up making a last minute trip to attend his funeral this past weekend.

Uncle Joe’s funeral was a good thing, though. I thought the entire experience was fitting tribute to him. The pastor started his eulogy by extolling the accomplishments of his two sons, my cousins. My cousins are both good men, made in the same mold as my own mother, following designs that I can trace to my grandmother. My grandmother was an exceptional lady, and one of the best people I’ve ever met. Uncle Joe had many quality people around him, a big, loving family. Being down home among my kinfolk was a great reminder of who I’m supposed to be and where I came from. I haven’t seen some of those folk for far too long. Uncle Joe was a patriot who led a life of service to his community and drew around and inspired many good folks, and I’m proud of him, and I want him to be proud of me. I will remember the lessons of his funeral for the rest of my life. Uncle Joe’s eulogy included the theme “who am I to deserve God’s love”? Looking around at the people who gathered to celebrate his life, it was obvious that Uncle Joe was a very worthy man. The fire that’s been lit under me recently has a lot to do with having such positive people in my family to look to for inspiration. I will make myself worthy.


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Self Portrait of a Sleepy Student on Winter Break

Sometimes even romantic antiheroes need a day (or three) to sit and let the DVD collection do all of their thinking for them.

Spring semester at the University of Kansas starts this week. I’m taking fifteen credit hours. Nine of those credit hours are 300 level English Department courses. I have a grand total of twenty-one (21) required books this semester. I will also be enrolling in a Kaplan LSAT preparation course. And filling out paperwork and pursuing my bid to study abroad this summer. And participating in two school club sports. And continuing my pursuit of JSA in Kansas City at my two other dojos. And doing fraternity activities. And going to College Republican meetings. And attending extra curricular law and politics lectures. And exercising and dieting to lose weight and be healthy.

But right now I’m going to sit on the couch with Tomo, my cat, and watch Star Wars Episode III again. Revenge of the Sith is the best of the six films, I don’t care what anybody says.


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