Rabscuttle’s Wide Patrol

This is my Splintered Lands table top army base off of a combination of Richard Adam’s Watership Down stories and Brian Jacques Redwall series.

Captain Burdock leads his valiant hares in defense of their  home, Raspberry Haven, a pleasant land of grassy meadows and light woods near the eastern shore. Disciplined and professional soldiers, the Wide Patrol ranges through the lands of the other Woodland animals, lending vigilant sword arms to keep the Vermin Hordes from causing mayhem. The hares of the Wide Patrol are not many, though they are dedicated and brave. They are occasionally joined by the non-hare residents of Raspberry Haven, such as the badger Mellivor Braw, a fierce champion yet gentle and simple friend of the hares.

Currently this army is gearing up for a multi-party campaign. The sacred land of Raspberry Haven will be defended, and the legionnaires of the Wide Patrol will march forth to c0nquer in the name of their blood thirsty god, the Black Rabbit of Inle.

Death and Glory! Blood and Hate! Enjoy Everything!

Captain Burdock Rabscuttle leads the Wide Patrol, the Hare Legion’s premier fighting unit. Corporal Algernon Wigglesworth is always by his side, holding aloft the Wide Patrol’s famed battle banner. Sergeant Clover Blackavar, fierce and dependable, leads a squad of well drilled Hare Legionnaires who fight in a disciplined shield wall formation. Sergeant Bounder Thornwhistle heads the fearless Marauders, Hare Spearmen of extraordinary skill who operate in small, elite strike forces. Sergeant Dand-O Flatfoot is commander of the Rangers, independent and stubborn Hare Archers who sneak through the countryside guarding the flanks of the Wide Patrol.