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2013 Year in Review

Another year gone, another blog post about it. This year wasn’t nearly as productive as 2012, but we all have our slow periods. I have a good feeling about 2014, and as always am excited about moving on to the future.

mwkf-25-tourney-chicago-003I guess the coolest thing that happened this year is that I made it to the MWKF tournament in Chicago again. I got my first tournament match win, and passed my shodan exam.

recruits-dust-demo-001I helped out with the 435th Dust Warfare Club’s demo games at the Recruits convention in Kansas City. The most important thing about this is that the 435th has sort of morphed into a design collective, and we’re making our own tactical skirmish game with the intent to publish. There will be more updates about that in 2014, for certain.

2013-yule-wreathThe family’s 2013 Yule Wreath. I haven’t done as much with the local Heathen community this year, but family is the all-important aspect of it as an outlook anyway.

Now for the obligatory stats:

yearinreview-001If I had to guess, I would say that it was the Straight Outta Comicon guys searching themselves on the net, but who can say?

yearinreview-002By “some” they mean “all.” I really didn’t post much on the old blog this past year. Nobody is really interested in my movie or book reviews, unless it’s the one on Ben Franklin, which I suspect is mostly kids doing homework anyway.

yearinreview-003“Fancy drinking fountain?” I have no idea. It does not surprise me that everything else about this picture is gaming related, though. Wait… Pinterest? What is that about?

yearinreview-004I’m going to go out on a limb and say the one guy looking at RA from Afghanistan is a British or American soldier looking at 40k stuff. Pakistan? Now that one is a mystery to me, unless it was the short blurb I wrote about religious extremism in India. Which is probably why India is also sort of blue. China? I honestly don’t know. Pacific Rim was a popular movie there from what I have heard, so maybe it was that post. Or 40k, because that’s a global interest, really. In fact, it’s most likely that anybody looking at this website is trawling the internet for 40k conversion pictures.

yearinreview-005Yep, numbers going way down this year. That happens when you forget you even have a blog for long stretches of time. I’d like to image it’s because my clever and deep webcomic “Iron Lawyers From Mars” is on an unofficial hiatus, but I know that it’s only ever got views because I only really updated it when I was living in England back in 2010, and it was confusing my parents and friends back in the States who wanted to know what I was doing over there.

super-heavy-wip-003Escalation came out in 40k this past year, giving me a reason to finally start assembling this. I’ve also started Gunpla as a hobby, which currently consists of buying kits and putting them on the shelf. Sort of like my model helicopter hobby… I’ve done some good reading this year, but again, not as much as I’d like. Writing? The only things I’ve written this year, outside of my kendo exam paper, were related to the skirmish game I’m part of developing. I can’t show anybody that stuff yet, but I can’t wait to get that stuff out there. Hmmm… I also wrote some things for an ill-fated web magazine this past year, as well. Two articles on gaming that I thought were pretty good. Unfortunately that project petered out, because I think all contributors realised that working for free wasn’t as fun or rewarding as we thought it would be. Maybe I’ll post those articles on RA for posterity, since I still have them.

What to expect in 2014? More movie and book reviews, more modeling and painting posts, exciting updates on the 435th Design Group project, the usual kendo annual events, and at least one short story and one poem (which is a promise to myself more than to readers.) I’d also like to get around to redoing my Budo and Heathen Gods sections of this blog. What I want to do with those keeps changing as my focus changes. It’s going to be a lot more personal and less theory related, but it will be there.


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Yule 2013


I’ve finally come to terms with Christmas, replacing it completely with Yule in my heart and mind. Now, “the Christmas season” is something else entirely. Black Friday both repels and fascinates me. Watching the riots and fights and “mob shopping” on youtube has become a thing for me. But when proper Yule finally comes around and the Yule Wreath goes up at my folks’ house, all that negativity goes away. Hopes, dreams, and promises for the coming year… it makes me feel so good.


This was the 2013 Yule Goat. Unfortunately I didn’t make him early enough that he stayed with us throughout the whole holiday season, as I believe is traditional now, but he was still a fine goat. There was a lot of trouble with cars starting right before Yule and lasting throughout, but everything that needed to be done eventually did get done.

2013-yule-goat-watchingMa and Pop watching the New Year’s Bonfire in the snow.

2013-yule-goat-startedMoments before the previous picture, the Yule Goat and Yule Wreath finally getting started. Every year I forget that Kansas has a steady wind that is decidedly uncooperative with anything to do with matches. Note to self, and to anyone else who wants to do this: make a little hole in the pile of straw beneath the wreath to get the fire started. The wreath itself will go up quickly, starting the goat.

2013-yule-goat-goingOnce the goat gets started on the Helheim Road, it doesn’t dally. This image is my new desktop! It was a lovely bonfire.

Our family had some setbacks this year, but our luck is strong and our wyrd well guarded. We put 2013 to rest in grand style, and are moving forward into 2014 with hope and strength.


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2012 Year in Review

So here it is 2013, so time for another “year in review” blog!


Circle of life, and all that.  Here’s my magnolia tree early in the Spring. The lovely flowers bloom for about a week, then fall like snow.

Speaking of which, I spontaneously composed a poem to my friend Rod one day while we were on campus texting each other, late in our last semester at KU:

Cherry blossoms drift
softly on two travellers
trading cricket songs.

I remembered that just now while looking at the picture above, so I thought I would share it on RA.


That’s the KU Kendo/Kumdo Club, or most of us anyway, gathering for the end of year party. It was really nice, with a pile of great food, some very nice plum wine, and lots of good conversation! I didn’t play kendo nearly enough in 2012, which is something I plan to correct in 2013.


AND I FINALLY GRADUATED! The most exciting thing to happen in 2012, hands down. That’s me and a friend from my non-fiction class, a Mr. Tim B. Rod was somewhere behind me and to my right, as he graduated too. I don’t normally go in for that sort of thing, but when we all put our arms around each other and sang the school song, it was all I could do to keep from crying like a child. A happy, happy child.



Some shots after the graduation ceremony. I carried different things to the ritual to remind me of who I was and what helped me achieve my goal: the pin and cords from Phi Alpha Delta, a 1″ button with the “dancing rudeboy” on it, a couple of dice, a Valknut carved from bone gifted to me by a friend from JBK, and, of course, my oxblood Dr. Marten boots. I don’t wear those much anymore, but damned if I was going to walk down the hill in anything else.


This is the proof for my official graduation photo. As you can see, it came from Jolesch Photography. I have the full sized version, but I didn’t feel like scanning it just now…


New additions to the family: Hansel (on the right), and Gretel (on the left.) They are brother and sister cats that Ma picked up, and they settled in quickly, as you can see. It was very sad when Bob passed away, and the house just seemed so empty without a cat. Ma and Pop hadn’t been without a feline in the house since 1980, or so. I’m glad Ma adopted these two.


Hansel, doing what he does best.


OK, so I thought I was going to a generic summer family gathering. I thought the balloons that read “congratulations!” were sort of strange when I was walking up the stairs, but I was honestly surprised when I walked through the door and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!” These wonderful, generous people had put together a surprise graduation party for me, and I was completely unprepared for it.


And they got me this awesome Dungeons & Dragons themed cake! They are awesome people, and I’m glad I have them in my life.


What else I’m glad to have in my life are my two sons! My youngest went to his first ROTC summer camp in 2012, and I picked him up that morning to drop him off at the school. Seeing him in his ACUs (or whatever they call them these days) put a lump in my throat. He looked all grown up and serious, and I suddenly thought to myself that he could be heading off for the Army in just a couple of years, rather than a summer camp. It’s a sobering thought. I couldn’t be more proud of him, though.


My and Pop drove out to Fort Riley to watch their final assembly. I can’t imagine that me and my mates looked much different that the above when we were at Fort Benning, all shaven headed and painfully young…


Did I mention how proud we are of him? Because we are. Very.


This summer I began cleaning and fixing up the house. I started with the porch, because it had got pretty shabby. I’m going to finish up this summer, and over the winter I’ll be fixing up the interior. I may not get to leave “the Kansas Rectangle” as soon as I’d like, but while I’m here I’m going to make the best of it. It’s funny, because for years I couldn’t wait to finish college so I could shake the dust of this place off my feet, but now I’ve got a real solid life here. Before I wouldn’t have hesitated, but the deep connections I made after I got over my antisocial phase really make me think twice about heading off for the coast like I’ve been talking about. Maybe leaving Leavenworth would be enough, but for now my house is a really comfortable home, and I love my neighborhood (even if I hate the town it’s in.)


Speaking of fixing up the interior of my home, I’ve got some interesting antique furniture, the above of which is probably my favorite. It’s on loan from my parents, not really mine, more of the family’s. This library table was pulled out of the river in northern Alabama following a gigantic flood upriver. Apparently there was a lot of stuff in the river because of it, and people were salvaging some really good furniture. My great-grand father fished this out for use, and later on my two uncles, Shorty and Jud, refinished it for my grandmother. When Grandma died Ma collected some things of hers to remember her, and this table was one of them. I’ve also got on loan from the family an antique bed frame and matching vanity, also former belongings of Grandma. It’s nice to have her things close and to use them. I miss her every day, and love her very much.


A recent acquisition, this secretary was only $20 from a local consignment store. It’s in pretty rough condition, but I like to think of it as character. It’s now a smoking station for my pipes and tobacco, and I love it. This photo was before I cleaned it up much.


Enough about stuff, here’s Ma representing the Environmental Protection Agency at the 2012 Kansas City Corporate Challenge. She’s an ace ping pong player (ping pong-er?), but unfortunately met another ace in the first round, and didn’t go further. So no medals this year, but I’m super proud of Ma.


What would an RA blog post be without mention of my hobby life? This is a snapshot I took at the midnight release of the 6th edition of Warhammer 40,000. My beloved Chaos Marines got a new codex in October, which I was very pleased with.


Yes, I am pleased with the new edition of both the game and my faction, even though I can no longer use the unit pictured above. Khârn leading a unit of twin Lightning Claw Chosen with Mark of Tzeentch was just too fun for them not to make illegal or ineffective. First 6th edition tweaked the melee weapon rules, making LC AP3, then the new codex said that ICs with different Marks than the unit can’t join them. And also MoT works different now. So there went my favorite answer to Grey Knights, and now I’m stuck with Abaddon/TDA retinue, or plasma Chosen, neither of which are nearly as fun. But, on the other hand, the new Baledrake has kept me happy.


Here’s the very last conversion I did in 2012, speaking of hobby. The new Chaos Marines codex gives us Marks separate from Icons, which is cool (though it sucks that Icons lost the deepstrike guidance ability.) I’ve been using the Icon of Excess for different troops to help keep them alive in the new, shoot-y game, and having a model that confers FNP just screamed Apothecary to me. Because this makes more sense to me than a magic flag that nobody esle can pick up once it gets dropped. And the Iron Hounds aren’t into the Ruinous Powers anyway. Also, my lawyer advises me that I must say that those models are copyright Games Workshop, because I used GW bits to make them and all that…


I’m bad about keeping connections, but I do try. Here I am with some old friends last Autumn, Amanda M. and Joe E. Even in the wild parts of my life I managed to make and keep decent friends, and they are two of them I have a lot of love for. I have a lot of great people in my life. Some of them I see every week, some of them I only see rarely, and some of them, unfortunately, I really don’t get to see at all anymore. Such is life, but I always have my family and friends with my in spirit, wherever I am.


Speaking of great friends, I did Yule with Mike L. and his family, who are always generous and kind to me. For New Year’s we had the usual Yule Goat and Yule Wreath. This year I think we made the best Yule Goat yet. I say that every year, but that’s because we’ve been getting better at it every year. It snowed on New Year’s Eve, so it was nice and seasonal, though it kept guests away on account of the roads. It had stopped by the time we got to my favorite part:


2012: it was a very good year!

In the interest of tracking these sorts of things, here is some information about the blog itself:


RA isn’t really a gaming blog, but the gaming posts are the most read thing I do. The unboxing I did for the Battletech 25th Anniversary Introductory Box remains the most popular thing ever, probably because I list every mech included, which is the sort of thing I would want to know if I were going to buy it. Which is, of course, why I included it. In an attempt to make my blog hobby relevant, and pursue site hits and all that, I’ve got a review of the Reaper Bones minis that I’m working up, too. That will probably be a good one for visits, too.


Homemade Camper made the list of top searches again. WTF people?


My readers are from every-damn-where. Everywhere that people care about 40k, anyway. Most of my readers are looking for conversion ideas, is my guess.


And here is the chart for 2012. Not bad, considering I didn’t really post much this year. My popular posts were all from 2011, I think, when I was much more diligent about hobby blogging.

So that’s the 2012 year-in-review. It was a great year, and I’m looking forward to 2013. I know it’s going to be a good one too!


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2011 Year in Review

(Pictures at the bottom after the text if you want to just skip to that. I wouldn’t blame you.)

The Yuletide season is normally a quiet one for Romantic Antihero. I go crazy by the end of the semester and then start hibernation mode to shake it all off. Then the madness of holidays starts and then I recover from that. Well here I am in the second week of January, ready to actually start the new year for RA.

My time at KU is winding down. 2009 and 2010 were awesome years. In one I graduated from JCCC and moved to KU, and the other I went to England to study abroad at Cambridge for a summer. 2011 was… a “rebuilding year”, to borrow a term from collegiate sports. Everything after Cambridge has seemed so anticlimactic, very much like when I took that last summer class at JCCC after I had already done my graduation walk. It’s also been a year of ups and downs, struggling with my periodic chronic depression. Life is a roller coaster, and sometimes all you can do is hang on. So long as you don’t fall out, anyway. I’m a long way from falling out anymore, and life is good.

I have an appointment later today (I’m writing this near at about 0200) to talk with my CLAS advisor. If everything goes well I will be walking for my BA at the end of this semester. Being the paranoid kind of person I am I don’t want to make declarations. Speaking of which, I had made the announcement that I would be traveling to Japan last year. The tsunami and nuclear facility emergency put an end to that when a majority of the other accepted students backed out. Not that I’m bitter, but screw them all to hell. Seriously.

2011 saw RA become mostly a gaming blog, though I did finally get around to articulating some of my Asatru ideas here. That is a long project that I’m not feeling hurried about, and I’m not out to publish so who cares? One thing that really bothers me about 2011 is how much kendo I didn’t do. As I write this I’ve put back about half the weight that I managed to lose previously, mostly because of this lack of kendo. Kendo served to keep me motivated and helped move me away from my destructive lifestyle and toward these more positive pursuits, or at least the not negative ones like gaming. Kendo really started it all, so my pledge for 2012 is to reinforce it as a central theme in my life.

And of course as I write this I have a terrible pain in my back from a special practice of the KC Kendo club last Saturday. In 2011 I turned 36. It’s not 40, but it’s not <30. I was talking with a friend earlier who recently turned thirty and we were reminiscing about some of the times gone by. I had been told by my parents that the 30s were a really great time of life, and I have to say that it’s panned out that way for me so far. My 20s were full of arrogant youth and hot headed mistakes. The 30s are a lot more humble, but at least with a little wisdom and experience. But like I tell people, I’m young and vigorous enough to do all the same things, but old enough that I end up in so much more pain that takes at least twice as long to recover from.

Again, my mother inspired me greatly in 2011. She decided to take weight loss seriously and has gone through probably three wardrobe changes since, and she looks great. The rest of my family makes me very proud as well. My father maintains and we still hang out regularly, and my son, a freshman in high school who is turning 15 soon, started JROTC this year and looks very handsome in his uniform.

I didn’t do as much public Asatru stuff as I’ve done in past years this year. In 2011 I developed more of my own Heathen philosophy and continued to look at and explore life, but also became less interested in Heathenry as a “movement” and became more focused on the idea of living the same sort of individualistic life I’ve always led but from a Heathen center. I’ve got my kith and kin, and a group of Heathen friends and local acquaintances, so going to a Heathen event just because it’s a Heathen event is less appealing to me. In 2011 I focused much more on my innergarth as far as celebrations and ritual goes, mainly focusing on “Heathenizing” the time spent with my kin. My writings and thoughts on Heathenry likely won’t go far in the greater Heathen community, but I find myself not caring all that much. There are different roles to take, and I’m not a public figure. If I’m ever a pubic figure it will be because I’ve got famous for my personal weirdness, not out of any public efforts. That’s not me, so when I write it’s for myself and possibly any innergarth Heathens who care.

But enough about that. I’ll end this with some pictures!

Yule 2011:

Ma and Susan holding our family Yule Wreath prior to the New Year’s bonfire.

My son playing with my sister’s dog on Solstice Eve.

The New Year’s bonfire that marks the end of Yule (as far as I’m concerned).

A little less dramatic than the other, but it shows the Yule Goat and the Wreath we burn.

Ma and Pop got a new pair of critters for the house, Hansel and Gretel. This is Hansel taking a nap safe from the dog on the mantle.

On my birthday I met some good friends at Table Top and we had some games. My (still unpainted) Hare Army proved victorious, and here pose with the villa and walls I bought as a gift to myself.

I made this Dark Angels Devastator as a Yule gift for my friend Mike, presenting it to him on my birthday.

I made this Salamanders Devastator for my friend Jon for Yule, presenting it to him on my birthday. Life would be so much easier if all my friends played 40k and needed Devastators, because I am totally bad at picking presents for people.

Other stuff from 2011:

In 2011 I expanded my Chaos Space Marines army, including this Dread Claw conversion. The creation thread is somewhere else, but I’m painting it as part of the Bolter and Chainsword’s annual Librarium Painting Challenge.

And speaking of which, here is “phase one” of this year’s vow. More on that later in its own blog post…

Like I said, my son is in HS JROTC, and I took this picture at their Organization Day.

I continued my tradition of supporting Kansas City S.C. I’m very glad they did away with the name “Wizards”. This is the boyo and myself at Johnny’s Tavern with one of the support clubs watching a game on the box.

I continued my (unfortunate) tradition of only going to the home opener. This year’s was cool because Sporting K.C. opened their new dedicated stadium, which is about twenty minutes from my house by car.

I finally got around to planting apple trees in my back yard. It remains to be seen if they’ll survive the winter, but apple trees in the back yard was my graduation present for my AA from JCCC.

And I got me the porch swing I’ve always wanted!

This very tiny picture (saved the wrong thing…) is a rose from one of my White Rose bushes.

Another tradition: my three Jack-O-Lanterns and drinking beer and watching zombie flicks while handing out candy. My son helped me carve this year before running off with his friends.


2012 will be a good year, I can already feel it. 2011 wasn’t the greatest, but as you can see from the pictures it wasn’t bad. Just more sedate, more filled with the routine of grinding through my senior year of college. 2012 will be a year of transition for me, and I’m sure it will be the start of a new period of adventure and excitement in my life.

For I am the Amazing Montismo, Gentleman Adventurer and Romantic Antihero™.


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200th Post & Some WIP 40k Painting & Modeling

This is my 200th post on RA, so of course it has to be a self referential reflection.

Here’s the stats for RA so far:

I started in August of 2009, went through several site reorgs, spiked in July 2010 when I was blogging from Cambridge in England, then climbed back up to those levels after I accumulated enough hobby posts to interest random people from the internet and now I’m sitting at 600+, which was where my Cambridge journals spiked in 2010.

My post about what’s inside the Battletech 25th Anniversary box is a popular search. Less so but still a regular search is my unboxing of the 4th Edition D&D Essentials “Red Box”. And for whatever odd reason a lot of people search for “home made camper” and wind up reading about when I went to the 10th Annual Greaserama Car Show. My 40k modeling and painting posts drive most of my non-subscribed traffic, and following on that are people looking for posts about Asatru/Heathen holidays. Today somebody came here after searching for “fat sensei”, and I’m still puzzling that one out. My kendo and iaido posts, as sadly as infrequent as they’ve become (due to my busted knee and busy school schedule) pull in regular traffic too, but much less so than my hobby posts.

This isn’t a terribly busy website, as far as blogs go. There are folks who get 600 hits in an hour, probably, but I don’t care. It’s not about that for me, but it does indicate a healthy amount of activity and at least some levels of usefulness. This is a vanity page for the most part, an online journal and blog of my own activities, but here and there people do find it worth looking at, so that’s good. It also gives me something to do, and a soapbox, however small, for certain varied opinions of mine.

Enough of that mess, here’s some Warhammer 40k models I’m currently working on:

So last night was Halloween, and anybody following this shouldn’t be surprised when I say that the Iron Hounds are a Halloween inspired warband. It’s my favorite holiday and I really dig orange/black, so why not? I thought it appropriate to kill some time today to work on my Chaos Sorcerer before the son came over to help me carve pumpkins and hand out candy. His paint scheme is more in line with what my very first scheme for these guys was, which is orange all over with black trim instead of the quartered scheme. I decided to make him different since he’s a unique and important part of the warband.

Astute observers may also have noticed that my character names have all been directly taken from or inspired by by-names for Odin from the sagas. This fellow’s name is Forn Grimnir, which means “Old Masked One”. I named him so because 1. he is the original corrupter of the Iron Hounds mentioned in my IA; 2. he sometimes recruits by traveling through Imperial space masquerading as a Loyalist Librarian; 3. he’s a generally mean, sneaky, treacherous old man.

Here he is with a base coat and initial wash:

The Bolt Pistol is magnetized and was painted for a different model, so it’s just there as a prop right now. I really like the horn he wears on his hip, which comes from a Space Wolves sprue like his head (which I’ve trimmed the braids off his beard):

His Force Scythe is from a WHFB Vampire Counts Zombie Regiment box. It was originally going to be a spear, but I saw the scythe and thought that was just too cool not to use. I use the heck out of WHFB bits in conversions:

The trim is going to be black on the chest piece, the skull on his right knee will also be black as well as the trim around the jump pack intakes and the decorative Iron Halo he’s got. Why a jump pack instead of wings, you ask? Because I thought it would fit in with the Iron Hounds better that way, and the “Storm Crows” Raptor squad was conceived of as a retinue for him so I didn’t reckon he would need to be able to fit into a transport.

I’m probably going to field him along with his protege (Brynhild the Jealous, my Fallen Sister of Battle Aspiring Sorceress from earlier in this thread) against my friend’s Grey Knights. I’d like to give him a taste of his own medicine with his ridiculous psyker attacks every round. He’s got a psyker enclave that can generate a high strength AP1 psychic attack every round. Very nasty. Let’s see how he likes one of them turning into a Spawn and eating his mates.

Now I gotta fiddle me up a Spawn…

And speaking of Halloween, here is a photo of me and my son posing with out Jack-O-Lanterns from last night:

As an Asatruar/Heathen I celebrate Halloween as a part of, or at least hand in hand with, Heathen Winternights. I’ll be attending an actual Winternights celebration next week (postponed from this past weekend) with some “free holding” Heathens. I was to attend another Winternights with my friends in Tyr’s Helm Tribe two weeks ago, but an acute case of gastroenteritis kept me home all weekend. Nasty stuff, but I’m over it now. Except for the paying for it part. Life is hard when you’ve no insurance sometimes. But anyway, my personal Halloween tradition is to carve my three Jack-O-Lanterns the day of Halloween as the sun is going down. They sit on my porch all night guarding the homestead from baneful wights, and in the morning (or when I wake up) they get a shot of liquor and a journey to the spirit realms via hatchet execution. One of my Jack-O-Lanterns is always the traditional “triangle eyes” type, and another more religiously motivated (that’s supposed to be Odin with the one eye there), and the third carved by whatever whim moves the family member assisting me. Often Ma carves with me, but the children have come over in the past, as my son did this year.

Moving right along…

Sitting around fiddling with some parts the other day I went ahead and started modeling my Noise Marine cult squad. I figure that their Aspiring Champion is a good start for tonight, because I’m tired and don’t feel like doing a bunch of drilling and whatnot for their sonic weaponry options.

So anyway, here is Anton Valentine, leader of an as-yet-unnamed squad of Noise Marines employed as auxiliaries by the Iron Hounds:

A pretty straight forward conversion, he’s mostly CSM with a WHFB Beastman head and, just for giggles, a SM chest plate with an Aquila on it as an allusion to the Emperor’s Children:

I gave him the option of mounting a Doom Siren, but fixed him with a Power Sword. The magnet on the base there is for a Melta Bomb if I decide to give him one while making a list:

And that’s that.

The Iron Hounds are almost completely modeled so far as my squads go. I want to make a couple of Apocalypse formations from Space Marine datasheets to represent their well funded flexibility, but the core warband is pretty much able to be fielded as is (minus paint). And it’s only been over a year and a half since I started on them. And a new codex is rumored on the horizon.

Ah well.


This is a work of “fan fiction”, and is not authorized or endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd. For a fuller explanation of copyright see this website’s legal disclaimer concerning third party intellectual property.

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