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Fitness Report 26Feb10

Waist – 41.25″

Weight – 222.4 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 30.4%(scale)/29.0%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 33 pounds

Exercising – 2 days jogging, 1 days kendo, have golf simulator reserved for this afternoon

Dieting – I just can’t keep on this diet right now…

I feel – I feel sleepy yet energized. Also, my body aches.

I feel like I can do anything I want to. I’ve got all kinds of energy and I think I’ve got a handle on this semester as far as my school load goes. I’ve basically dropped out of fencing until after Spring Break, and I think that’s given me the time I need to organize myself better. Now that I’ve got back into kendo regularly everything feels so much better. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I often tell people that kendo saved my life, and I think it’s true. The annual winter depression I go through is kept at bay by the regular exercise and the feeling of accomplishment all that gives me. Oh yeah, and I’m losing weight again!

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Fitness Report 19Feb10

Waist – 42″

Weight – 224.0 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 31.9%(scale)/29.9%*

Overweight by – 35 pounds

Exercising – 2 days jogging, 2 days kendo, 1 day in the golf simulator

Dieting – Still off the diet

I feel – Tired but “good tired”.

This is a little late being published; I had an active week and a full weekend. Instead of the usual A.F.C. comparison I used a different website I got off of a Y! search. It had a lot of information on it about BMI and a bunch of other stuff, but I didn’t look too closely at the website itself. It had “psychic”, and it only listed me as fifty pounds over weight, so, whatever. I felt really good about last week, but I’m already bummed about this week. I skipped out on kendo Monday to try and catch up on my reading for school and do some laundry. My house is a wreck, and it probably will be until Spring Break. I get into these “winter funks”, and it’s normally pretty hard on me. I am a relentless optimist, however. The cold weather also makes my knee hurt. I used to think things like that were just “old wives tales”, but there it is. Old wives probably know a lot more than they’re given credit for.

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Fitness Report 12Feb10

Waist – 41.75″ (?)

Weight – 225.8 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – xx.x%(scale)/29%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 37 pounds

Exercising – Three papers were due this week along with a ton of reading, so, I went jogging once.

Dieting – Cafeteria food is my kryptonite. Delicious, delicious kryptonite…

I feel – Like I was up reading Plato’s “The Republic” all night. Oh wait, I was.

I wrote down what the scale told me my body fat was this morning before I left for lunch, but I’m guessing that piece of paper was stolen by the house gnome. Probably in retribution for not keeping the house tidy. So all we have this week if the Army Fitness Calculator. I’m thinking of ditching the electric measurement altogether. Actually I’ve been thinking about it for some time, but that is the feature that made me go out and spend fifty dollars on a new scale, so I’ve been reluctant to do it. I don’t know, whatever.

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Fitness Report 5Feb10

Waist – 43″ (?)

Weight – 223.6 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 30.9%(scale)/29%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 35 pounds

Exercising – Still moving back into my regular routine. Should be up to my old minimum next week

Dieting – Much better this week!

I feel – Like it’s Friday night and I want it to never end

Clearly I’m going to have trouble maintaining my level of activity this semester. I’m taking three classes that require regular paper writing and I have to do an unbelievable amount of reading every week. I’ve already singled out fencing as the first things that has to be scaled back. I didn’t even go this week, but I’m contemplating making it a once a week thing by design, and that day maybe being Sunday. I don’t know yet, but this semester is going to be tricky. Running at the Rec Center up at KU is kind of nice, but it’s also noisy and crowded in their. The track isn’t too crowded, but I’m used to jogging alone late at night with nobody else around and it being very quiet. Maybe I should do that in case I have a heart attack or summat?

Also, I still don’t know what to think about the variation in figures that my electronic scale keeps handing me.

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Fitness Report 29Jan10

Waist – 43″ (?)

Weight – 224.2 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 49.4%(scale)/31%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 35 pounds

Exercising – Slowly getting back into the swing of things

Dieting – Same as above

I feel – Tired

This is part of my backlog. I took these measurements, as funky and unreliable as they seem to be, on the date this claims to have been published, though in reality it’s about a week later. Been busy with school, going to catch my blog up over this weekend…

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