Once again I will be retooling this website to do something else.

It had sort of turned into a 40k blog, but I am putting up my 40k stuff for a while. And also I deleted a metric ton of 40k posts because they were a mess. I am really fatigued with the state of the game right now. I started playing seven years ago, and I have mounds of the stuff, but it was sort of an unending mania, and now Primarchs are coming back and the game system has gone a bit nuts and I’ve no idea where 8th edition is going, and I’m just a bit tired of it.

I want to focus this website more on my creative writing, which is something I don’t do enough of anymore. All of my energy for a long time was going toward weird 40k fanfiction on the B+C, and I’ve recently gone on hiatus there, so here I am trying to focus on my original projects.

Who knows what will happen?

I sure as hell don’t.

But I know one thing:


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