Yule 2013


I’ve finally come to terms with Christmas, replacing it completely with Yule in my heart and mind. Now, “the Christmas season” is something else entirely. Black Friday both repels and fascinates me. Watching the riots and fights and “mob shopping” on youtube has become a thing for me. But when proper Yule finally comes around and the Yule Wreath goes up at my folks’ house, all that negativity goes away. Hopes, dreams, and promises for the coming year… it makes me feel so good.


This was the 2013 Yule Goat. Unfortunately I didn’t make him early enough that he stayed with us throughout the whole holiday season, as I believe is traditional now, but he was still a fine goat. There was a lot of trouble with cars starting right before Yule and lasting throughout, but everything that needed to be done eventually did get done.

2013-yule-goat-watchingMa and Pop watching the New Year’s Bonfire in the snow.

2013-yule-goat-startedMoments before the previous picture, the Yule Goat and Yule Wreath finally getting started. Every year I forget that Kansas has a steady wind that is decidedly uncooperative with anything to do with matches. Note to self, and to anyone else who wants to do this: make a little hole in the pile of straw beneath the wreath to get the fire started. The wreath itself will go up quickly, starting the goat.

2013-yule-goat-goingOnce the goat gets started on the Helheim Road, it doesn’t dally. This image is my new desktop! It was a lovely bonfire.

Our family had some setbacks this year, but our luck is strong and our wyrd well guarded. We put 2013 to rest in grand style, and are moving forward into 2014 with hope and strength.


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