First 40k game of 2014

January 1st I travelled down to the FLGS to meet a friend, and we had our first game of the year.

I brought Chaos Space Marines: generic Chaos Lord, Plague Marines 2×7 w/Rhinos and x2 plasma, 1×5 Havocs (Lascannons x2, Autocannons x2), Melta-Maul Termicide squad x3, Ectofiend, and Baledrake.

He brought Craftworld Iyanden: Wraithlord as HQ, a Spiritseer to buff it, Wraithguard squads x2, Wraithblades x1, and a Crimson Hunter.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and I forgot I was taking pictures during the most intense parts of the game, but the ones I have should give a good idea of what happened.


We played Dawn of War and, as usual, forgot about the night fighting rules. I won deployment and decided to go first. We had three objectives, so I chose the table half that had two of the three. Since we had Big Guns Never Tire, I set my Havocs up on one objective backed up by the Chaos Lord: A. The other objective was at the entrance to a small building, so I hid a unit of Plague Marines out of LOS to camp out next to it, using their empty Rhino to block LOS in the gap between the hills in front of the objective: D. I set up my Ectofiend in the middle, so he could either support the Havocs or the other set of Plague Marines: B. The second unit of Plague Marines started in their Rhino, with the task of moving forward to contest or seize the third objective: C. The Baledrake and Termicide are in Reserves.

My friend sets up. He makes an “FU blob” with the Wraithlord, Spiritseer, and Wraithblades: 1. He positions them to move against the objective my Havocs and Lord are sitting on. He puts a unit of Wraithguard on the one objective in his deployment area: 3. The remaining squad of Wraithguard are placed opposite my maneuver units, probably to block them: 2. He’s got his Crimson Hunter in Reserves, of course, and counting on it coming in after my Baledrake so he can burn it down with it’s ridiculous shooting capability.

1stgame2014-002You can see those two Wraithguard there. I shot everything in the world at that one unit in an attempt to remove them before they could do anything. I got hits with both Ectofiend shots and my Havocs lit them up too. Not a bad first round.

1stgame2014-003My Ectofiend, and the worrisome menace of the Wraithblades. I was worried about taking just the one Ectofiend, because they’re only AV12 and they normally get exploded first thing. He lived to shoot for two rounds, though, then got tied up by the one surviving Wraithguard tar-pitting him in HTH.

1stgame2014-004My Terminators almost went off the board when they teleported down. They went nine inches straight toward the corner. Only the sergeant hit with his combi-melta shot, which failed to blow up the Wraithlord. The next turn the Wraithlord detached to face them, I forgot to assault with them, then the Crimson Hunter came in and lit them up and killed them.

1stgame2014-005And then I forgot to take pictures!

My Plague Marines had their Rhino shot out from under them, but had a gun-line showdown with the Wraithguard on the objective. The Wraithguard and Crimson Hunter killed my Plague Marines, then my Baledrake came tearing in and took HP off the Hunter with Meteoric Descent then put a fatal template over the Wraithguard. The Hunter was velocity locked at 18″, but it’s super maneuverability rule made that not completely terrible for it. The Baledrake got some lucky saves from the return fire, then flew off the board, hitting the Hunter again for HP. I think. Some things are fuzzy, but I know the Baledrake went off the table in a strategic retreat.

My Chaos Lord detached from the Havocs to set up a counter assault. The Havocs downed the Wraithlord with lascannons because it had left itself open by detaching from the Wraithblades squad. The Wraithblades made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to assault the Havocs, but they had the mysterious objective thing that halved charge distance, and I rolled some unholy 6s during overwatch shooting and killed a few. They finally made it up there and swept the Havocs, then the Lord charged in and used his LC/PF combo to wreck a few more before he got stabbed to death by the Spiritseer.

The Crimson Hunter blew up the Ectofiend after it finally managed to stomp on the lone Wraithguard following a terrible slap-fight. The Hunter then positioned itself to shoot up my Plague Marines on the far objective. Only 1 or 2 PMS actually go down to shooting, and then the Baledrake came screaming in from Ongoing Reserves and clawed the Crimson Hunter from the skies before laying down a template over the recently triumphant but now utterly horrified Wraithblades. All the Wraithblades got burned to death after failing every single invuln save, and the Spiritseer couldn’t claim the objective.

So we went 6 rounds, with the final tally being CSM: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, x1 Objective for 5 VP; Iyanden: Linebreaker for 1 VP. It was a very close game, and we both committed some tactical errors, but it came down to a single Spiritseer facing 5 PMs and a Heldrake at the end. A clear victory for the IV Legion XLIX Grand Company ‘the Iron Hounds’.

I look forward to a fun year of gaming and hobby related activities.


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