Charity Beer Tasting Event Supporting the Leavenworth Carnegie Arts Center

Friday, the 23rd of September 2011, I attended a charity event support the Leavenworth Carnegie Arts Center. I have a long reaching history with the Carnegie, and am always pleased to be able to continue that relationship. My mother was one of the original executive directors of the original incarnation, the “Leavenworth Area Arts Council”, back before they acquired the old Carnegie Library. I grew up as much at the Arts Center as I did in my own house, taking classes, volunteering, or just simply being there. It was sort of a second house for me, and my sister even got married there. I attended an art opening last week, something I will sporadically do to show my support for local artists and the idea of local arts education in general, and was intrigued by a pamphlet I saw for a beer tasting event. Now, I do like to drink a fine beer, and if I can try out several while supporting the fine arts, well, that’s even better. So off I went with the folks to meet up with some friends and drink some booze for a good cause.

The beer tasting was hosted by downtown private club and catering service J.W. Crancer’s located in a finely renovated space that used to be a rambling antique/junk store. It’s one of my favorite buildings downtown, that I think was originally a department store back when Leavenworth was a thriving “out West” city.

There was a long spread of beer to be had, most of it supplied by Lansing Liquor & Wine, which has the best selection of import beer in the area. It’s where I generally go to purchase my imports, though I have a soft spot in my heart for Gould’s, a family run business in my own neighborhood. There was lots to sample, and I got to try many different flavors and brands.

I met up with Carolyn Singleton, the current executive director of the Carnegie Arts Center, and got her to take a picture with me. The light in the place was playing hell with the iPhone’s camera, and this was one reason why I finally replaced my stolen digital camera this weekend. But I didn’t have it yet, so I apologize for the grainier than usual pictures, even for RA.

Lansing Liquor wasn’t the only beer provider there. Local restaurant and microbrewery High Noon Saloon had a corner where they were promoting their own recipes. I don’t care much for most microbrews, though their “Oregon Trail Raspberry Wheat” struck my fancy this evening. I’ve been on a bit of a raspberry kick kick recently, so it all worked out. The gentleman running the High Noon sampler area told me that Anhauser-Busch has picked up their signature “Annie’s Amber Ale”, so it should be getting wide distribution soon. I didn’t fancy it myself, I’m more of a brown kind of guy, but it wasn’t bad.

I love catered events. I could probably exist on spinach dip and crackers, and those little meat slices folded over with a toothpick stuck through them, along with the gallons of punch that doesn’t seem to taste as nice in any other setting… But anyway, a large part of the night was socializing with folks, all friends of the Arts Center and local artists themselves.

There were door prizes, but I didn’t win anything. Whenever I do win stuff at raffles and doors it’s always fairly weird items anyway. Here’s Carolyn handing out the first prize, which I think was a bicycle helmet of all things.

When I want loot I don’t leave it to chance. Here I am posing with the commemorative beer mug that I purchased with a donation to the Arts Center. The mugs were made by a local artist whose name unfortunately escapes me at the moment.

And last but not least, my worthy parents:

A finer two people you’d be hard pressed to find!

Just so I don’t leave anything out, here is a picture I took of the flyer with the acknowledgments:

I recommend the cookies from Sis’ Sweets!

I haven’t been doing enough cultural activity blogs lately, but it’s been a busy weekend for me (and one that’s not over) so that will change for this week. Yesterday I went to the Greater Kansas City Japan Festival, and later this afternoon I’m going to a poetry reading at the 8th Street Taproom in Lawrence, two more things that I will update RA with soon. Sooooo many pictures from the Japan Festival to go through and edit…


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