Fall Recruits 2011

This weekend was the Lee’s Summit H.S. wargame club’s fall convention. I went to the Spring Recruits 2010 convention last year, and wrote about it here. I missed the last two Recruits conventions for various reasons, but was happy to make it out there Saturday with two friends. I ran into another person from my 40k RPG group, and got to talk with a few of the demo people and vendors throughout the day. It was a good time. I took less pictures this time, but there was some really neat stuff going down that I thought I would share today.

The first cool thing I saw was the huge tall sailing ship era game going on. The game was scaled 28mm, and the ships were manly and large. The demo personnel were easily recognizable, as they were all in pirate costumes.

Just look at that table. Look at it, and wonder. Look. At. It. Is it not nifty?

We talked with a couple of the demo guys, including the main person responsible for writing the rules, and it turns out they are from Arkansas and dreamed all of this up just to have some fun. And it definitely looked like fun. And the puns… oh god, the puns

So the blog they have is called… Fist Full of Seamen… and you can find out more information about them and their game there. They were pretty cool guys, and there is a good chance that my main gaming group will end up with a big ship of our own to play with them when they come next time. My two friends were really into the idea of this, though we did talk about smaller models. I mean, I can’t think of where we would play at the 28mm scale, or how I would even store the models…

Last time I went to Recruits I took a lot more pictures of games, many of them 40k things. I’ve got plenty of my own 40k things on RA now, so I was mainly interested in the well displayed and interestingly themed games. These gentlemen were playing some kind of 28mm French colonial themed game, I think. I thought the sticks for big tree trunks was an inspired idea to have a realistically sized forest area, and the little cotton puffs for gun smoke was cool too. I didn’t talk to anybody at this table, so I’m not sure what rule set they were using.

This table caught my attention because they had an Imperial Star Destroyer and a data sheet for a Colonial Battlestar. It immediately made me think of VGA Planets, a turn based space conquering strategy game whose races were thinly disguised factions from popular sci-fi franchises. Anyway, it looked cool.

The owner of my FLGS is involved with Creative Gamescapes, a Kansas City company that creates this 3D modular space ship interior terrain. There was a table that put the terrain to good use, building the sets on square bases that could be arranged to form different set-ups. This is essentially what I have in mind for my long term 40k space ship terrain, only I’m after something a bit more dedicated than, say, a randomizable Space Hulk. This is nicely done, and I hope to have something as useful and well planned some day.

The green pool of industrial waste is wicked neat.

The pieces can be used for out of doors terrain as well.

I am totally going to end up having a train set someday, I can feel it.

This is a 28mm scale medieval type town that I thought was really cool. I am planning a 15mm castle along these lines at some point. Actually I missed out on an opportunity to get some really cool 15mm terrain for a steal of a bargain at this convention. I looked at it, wandered away to think about it, came back to look again, then made up my mind to buy it right as a sale to someone else was being completed. Doh! But that’s neither here nor there.

The table was all by itself when I walked by and looked at it, so I have no idea what game was being played on it.

The town had a little farm just outside of it, with some nice little Holstein cows grazing in the pasture. That’s nice.

I have seen this game at the FLGS, but have no idea what exactly it is. I’m guessing it’s a home brewed system like the pirates game. The player boards are really nice, and those are actual bullet casings being used as ammo markers.

There was nobody around but a younger teen who was poking aimlessly at one of the models, so I didn’t have anybody to ask about the game. It looks interesting, and I’m a big fan of WWI flyers being a Capt. Biggles of the RAF kind of guy myself. The scale sort of puts me off, though. Speaking of WWI flying games, I took the opportunity to pick up a box of Wings of War, “Watch Your Back” version. It’s a card based flying game that has models available to use as well. I’ve been looking at it for a long time, and I guess now is the time to get what you can since I’ve heard the Italian company that puts it out is being sold.

Well, that was Fall Recruits 2011. And to the organizers at Lee’s Summit H.S., I swear I’m going to bring you back my badge holder, along with the one from 2010 that I also accidentally walked off with…


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