Insomnia Induced Mania (another 40k WIP modeling post)

It started with looking at the single Lightning Claw left over from my Space Marine Force Commander box. Twenty-four hours later I’ve got eight new figures assembled and some new ideas about how to field my Chosen.

I’ve had my “melta vets” modeled for a bit now. I field them as Chosen squad tasked with behind the lines mayhem, or send them off to join the regular CSM squads as special weapon support. I shouldn’t have glued the melta guns in their hands, but I did. I may do some creative cutting and gluing to make these guys have magnet hands like the standard bearer, depending on how deep into insomnia induced mania I get in the next couple of nights.

I had some kind of idea about making a group of “roving sergeants” a long time ago, and modeled the two figures that are primed black (and thus impossible to make out the details thereof). I can’t remember what I was thinking in regards to rules at the time, but it probably didn’t have much to do with them. I pulled off the plasma pistols and magnetized their hands, then realized that if I field them as Chosen they can’t take Plasma Pistols with Power Weapons anyway, so I cut those off and put Bolt Pistols on permanently. Then I made them two friends to form the maximum load-out of four. The banner is magnetized to switch back and forth between these and the next group.

These guys are what made me drive all the way to the other side of the metro just to trade with a friend for bits. I had assembled a CSM sans arms and then speculatively stuck the aforementioned Lightning Claw on him. Then I imagined a group of these guys attached to my counts-as Khârn and I had to have them. I tried to make my own Lightning Claws at first, using the Power Fists that I had cut off the old plastic Terminators I used for my Obliterator conversions. That didn’t work, so the trade became necessary. I got me a sprue of five Loyalist Terminator Lightning Claws and went about converting them. I used Berserker arms because they’re beefier, and they also have the Chain Sword arm that is cocked out to the side, which helped the conversion for posing options. One guy has two of them, because I figured I could cut the elbow off one and turn it around to make it work for the left side too.

Because a squad of Chosen can only have four special kit troopers I wanted “veteran looking” guys to fill the squad out. I had two of these guys already that I had built (again, the black ones) before my modeling scheme was figured out. They didn’t fit into any of my squads so had been sitting on a shelf all lonely and depressed. I made two more eccentric figures and reckoned that they would be my team of Chosen that acted as squad filler. So these four guys plus any of the above teams of four plus the banner bearer and the Chosen sergeant I have yet to build and that’s a full squad of ten for the table if I wanted it.

I also went ahead and built my third Havoc armed with my very own Wælheim-pattern Autocannon. I thought I had cut up the right arm from the Heavy Bolter bits, but found it pretty much right after the glue had dried on my forced stand-in. Just one more of these and I’ll have my set of four.

And that’s today’s installment of “stuff I do while normal people are sleeping”.


This is a work of “fan fiction”, and is not authorized or endorsed by Games Workshop Ltd. For a fuller explanation of copyright see this website’s legal disclaimer concerning third party intellectual property.



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3 responses to “Insomnia Induced Mania (another 40k WIP modeling post)

  1. Monty Maxwell

    Twenty miniatures primed tonight and on deck. I think I’ll have a go at painting this week, starting with the Chosen with Lightning Claws.

  2. Monty Maxwell

    I’ve got a battle report of the Iron Hounds versus Orks I’ve been meaning to put up. Plenty of blood and death in that one, maybe I’ll pull out the pictures and do the write-up on it tonight. I need to have more examples of me winning in the Battle Reports section…

    Combat gnomes, eh?

  3. I can’t wait to hear their tales of blood soaked glory! You are really making me want to make some sort of combat gnomes. {smile}

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