Frithrik Ritter

Change to the website: I’m collecting images of my RPG characters on a page in the Rec Room section called the Character Gallery. It’s a regular page and not a post, so unless you are just wandering around the website for some reason you probably wouldn’t have seen it. I think most of the people who come to RA are either friends of mine who have me on RSS feed (and so only see the blog posts), or stumble in from web searches. A lot of people are looking for “homemade camper” for some reason, which I briefly mention in a blog about a car show I went to a while back. But I digress…

Last week I painted a miniature to represent my regular gaming group’s side adventure. It’s a break from our 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons to take on an old style 2cnd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game in the Ravenloft setting. It’s a thing to add variety to the ongoing game, a throwback for the experience gamers, and something new for the couple of newer gamers in the group. Personally I prefer AD&D 2E over D&D 4E, but if I let myself start typing any more about that this post will cease to be about my new mini, and become a long, insane tirade…

So here is the bleeding miniature I painted:

I’m still using my iPhone to photograph minis, and I still don’t have a photo-box set up to do it in. I put a piece of white hard canvas on top of my kitchen stove so I can use the fluorescent lighting in there. Sometimes I will select out the mini and remove the background, but for most of my pictures I don’t. On the newer 40k minis I’ve been photographing them on the cutting mat, and I would have a hard time explaining exactly why if anybody asked me. But for a one off model, why not go through a little extra trouble?

I think I’m getting better at painting, and I’m very pleased with good old Frithrik Ritter here.


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