Fitness Report 22Apr11

Waist – 46.5″

Weight – 244.8#

Body Fat Percentage – 35.2%(scale)/xx%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 54.8 pounds

Exercising – No!

Dieting –No!

I feel – Exhausted all the time!

OK, hear me out on this… I lost a whole bunch of weight and felt great. Then my knee complicated my life, then I went to Europe and then I sort of got REALLY busy with school. I know, these are all excuses. And excuses don’t mean shit, right? So, all the stress from school and broken down middle aged body aside, I really can do better than this. It’s just a matter of focusing. I mean, I know I can do it, because I have before. It’s a matter of attention span with me. I have one of those body types that means I really need to keep at it. I’ll never be Steve Reeves, but I can at least be “Under 200# Max” again. So, getting back on track means getting back to keeping track, and since the depressing, dreary winter is gone I’ll be back out to walking and jogging in the evenings. And working on that diet. On the up side, I’ve been keeping to my oath about recreational drinking, so even if it hasn’t been helping me lose weight it’s been helping me not be as fat and stupid acting as I could have been, and have been in the past.

To reset the milestones: I’m basically 245, so I’m going to work on getting to -240. 5 or 10 pound increments after that. Then maybe I’ll see under 200 again, and then get down past my 190 target.

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