Site Revisions & Whatnot

I think I’ve got this new look figured out. WordPress changed my theme on me a while back, and it turns out the theme they changed me to was a revision of my old one. I’ve got a lot more options available to me now, and I also understand a bit more about how to do all this. So I’ve taken the opportunity to overhaul RA.

The tagline of RA is “Budo, The Heathen Gods, and Right Living”. This reflects the breakdown of my beliefs as to what leads to a positive life. The categories reflect this understanding now, with sub-categories falling under one of these three main ideas. The pages have been reorganized as well, partly to reflect this. It’s a bit gimmicky, but the pages are now themed after rooms of a house. I’ve sat here for a few minutes trying to justify this in some cool, intellectual way, but the end result is that I just like it so that’s what I did.

I have removed the sidebar and migrated some of the information found there to the footer. Things like the blogroll may end up on the Veranda page, I haven’t decided yet. But the biggest difference is that this means the feature area is now much wider. I did this to accommodate the comics and stuff I draw (when I actually do draw them), as 500 pixels wide was kind of cramping my style. And if you’ve read Iron Lawyers of Mars you know that my style needs all the help it can get. So there is that, but the upshot is that some of my old posts will be wonky because they were formatted for the old width. I may get around to fixing them, but probably not. Just redoing all the categories on the posts is proving tedious, boring and “I don’t want to do it”. I’ve currently got half of the posts re-categorized, and I’m working from the oldest to the newest.

Along the lines of redoing the categories based on these three “pillars”, I’ve also decided to add a more dedicated direction to each of the three of them. This website started out as a sort of “productivity” blog (or whatever, I’m really not sure), but sort of moved toward being useful for my hobbies while having random posts about the other two themes here and there. I always meant to do more Asatru stuff here, but it’s taken me this long to get around to organizing it effectively. I really wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it, but now I have it figured out.

What I’m going to do it this: I am going to keep the Ve & Stalli page as an organizer area, and when I write an essay (not just an event post) about Asatru related things I’m going to link it there. So that page will serve as a sort of table of contents for pertinent things I put in the blog. I have a project in mind to cull some of my forum posts from here and there throughout the years and work them into essays, and then publish and organize them here. So over time this site, or at least the area on the site set aside for it, will become a sort of library of my take on Heathenry. My agenda for that has always been to show a modern, moderate side to Heathenry, a positive face to demystify it for curious outsiders, and possibly to engage with other Asatruar similar to myself.

Similar idea for the Budo aspect. I have less to say about Budo that may be controversial, though. But it’s important to me, so I figured that I should do something with it here. Also, I’m planning on going back to the Kansas City club this evening. I think the weather is nice enough!



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2 responses to “Site Revisions & Whatnot

  1. Brian

    Did you make it to class. As you can tell I did not.

    • Monty Maxwell

      I did make it to class! There were three of us plus an observer, who’s thinking of having a go at it come summer. Man, let me tell you, it’s been way too long since I have done… ANYTHING, really. It felt good to get out there and do some kendo. I managed my broken knee pretty well, no major mishaps and all that. I feel stiff and sore today, though… Definitely going to come out next week.

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