KENDO! A demo and a promotion!

15Oct10 I helped to put on a kendo demo at the Overland Park Convention Center. Apparently there is a branch in the Kansas City area for the Japanese corporation IHI. They were having some kind of big dinner party thing and hosting some of their compatriots from the parent company in Japan. Part of the night’s entertainment was displays of Japanese culture, though you’d imagine that since the Japanese were coming to Kansas, and already knew about Japanese culture, that the local company men would have entertained them with displays of American Midwestern culture. I suppose they could have gone upstairs to the tool show for that, but still. Anyway, I was happy to be able to put on a demo, and also to get a chance to see the group from the Olathe South High School Ki Daiko Taiko drummers again. They never disappoint. Oh yeah, after we did our bit we were invited by the nice people from IHI to dine with them and enjoy the performances that followed ours. The food was good, the drumming was good, the sake-in-a-barrel-drank-from-little-wooden-boxes was good. We also mingled with some of the Japanese folk afterward and chatted about kendo and whatnot.

The following morning, 16Oct10, I dragged myself out of bed and got to practice with KC Kendo for once. The big deal about that? I finally was presented with the ikkyu rank certificate I tested for last year!


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