Thoughts on Stop Day Spring 2010

My Fiction Writing 1 class. This class was my ‘port in the storm’ this semester. There are a lot of good student writers in this photo, and I enjoyed reading their work.

“Star Wars Day” was May 4th, but I was too busy that day to go. I was curious as to what exactly it was more than anything. Plus I wanted some of the advertised ‘Wookie Cookies’. I’ve been demented with sleep deprivation and stress, the usual mode of existence for the end of a semester, and I didn’t even remember about this until it was over. Comment I read in the ‘free for all’ phone-in section of the University Daily Kansan: ‘To the guy I saw in the Union on Star Wars Day: Obi Wan Kenobi is cool, dressing up like him for school is not.’ Harsh.

I love the eagle holding the fasces carving on the Military Science building. Actually I just really like the Military Science building in general. I grew up on Army posts and was in the service myself, and the environmental familiarity of these places is comfortable. Interesting fact: the building was firebombed by students during the 1960s.

A ‘secret fountain’ I found for the first time this week. It’s funny how you can spend so much time on campus and then suddenly find a secluded spot you’ve never seen before. Earlier this semester I also discovered a museum on campus housing awesome classical statuary and reliefs. I commented to the student who was doing work-study there how surprised I was, and she told me that ‘nobody ever comes in here’. Kind of sad.

The gate near the fountain is pretty cool. I wish more of the campus had this look.

This was my American Lit desk all semester. Many of the desks in that classroom have been sanded so many times that some of them have even been relaminated. This one has escaped for so long that I think it belongs on a pedestal in the Kansas Union.

It had some interesting graffiti.

And some not so interesting, but entirely understandable graffiti. My contribution, on the last day of class, was to shade in the cross hatching on the F into a checkerboard pattern. I also drew an Angry Marines ‘Unhappy Face’ symbol, but it was in pencil and it won’t last.

This is the reason I bothered to photograph my desk in the first place. I sat in this desk all semester but didn’t notice until last week that some students from who-knows-how-long-ago engaged in some spontaneous play-by-graffiti roleplaying. If you can’t make out the whole thing, it says, “You’re in a meadow” “However it is a shitty meadow” “But you brought beer, and the field is full of poppies.” “A wizard approaches you. He gives you a mushroom.” That’s pretty awesome stuff, I think. I wonder how it’s going to end?

This bird was singing to spring and the trees were blooming all over campus the week I took this. Something about it just made me feel good that morning, so even though I was running late to International Politics I stopped and took this shot.

The Campanile. I took this one chilly February night walking to my car behind the Kansas Union after a chapter meeting. It was cold and I was tired but all of a sudden the bells started playing a song and I looked over and thought the whole thing was just quietly awesome.

I had this funny photo of a mitten I found at the bus stop in front of Robinson. It was the last snow of the season and we were all pretty tired of it, so to celebrate the mood I stuck the mitten on a stick and arranged it to be ‘flipping the bird’. That photo is one of many things that only exists on my laptop, whereever  it is the burglars took the damn thing.

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