Spring Cleaning at the Japanese Garden

I am a member of the Japan-America Society of Kansas City, and one of the things this organization supports is the Japanese Garden at Loose Park. On 3Apr10, a Saturday, I got up early and drove into KCMO to help out with a bit of tidying up from winter that the JAS was doing. Nothing spectacular, but just the sort of thing I like to share here. I mostly busied myself sweeping and stuffing leaves into bags, leaving the more detailed work for the folks who knew what they were doing. Stuff like this is great because I get to do community service and stay involved with my Japanese study theme and the other members of the JAS are friendly folks. We gathered and took a group photo (not the one here) that will be sent to the folks at Kansas City’s sister city in Japan, Kurashiki. So I’m part of international goodwill these days!

Anyway, I highly recommend that people check the garden out. The JAS was also involved in the planting of Loose Park’s cherry trees, which should be blooming very soon. On a related note, Independence Missouri is having a Cherry Blossom Festival this Sunday, 11Apr10 starting at 1000hrs. I wish I could go to that, but I’ve got prior obligations, so one of you should go and tell me all about it.


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