Whenever I am in retail stores, grocery stores or chain department stores and the like, I am always fascinated by products that are out of place. You know, the kind where someone carried the item around in their basket and then found something they liked better. Most people don’t take the time to put things back where they got them when they change their mind about buying them. Maybe I am the only person who actually does this. But anyway, sometimes you find whacky things that make you think, “they decided to buy a baby car seat instead of contact cement?” Being stuck at a major retail chain while getting my oil changed I decided to walk around the store and document this phenomenon, because what else was I going to do for the next forty-five minutes?

5 gallons of oil instead of a cell phone holder for the car.

Kid doesn’t need talking trains, he needs a baseball!

This kid’s mother was obviously down to her last nerve.

This one too.

Hand tools in the toy department?

Now it makes sense. This sort of stuff drove me nuts when I worked at the lumber yard…

A lot of times it’s just stuff kids drag around.

And sometimes you reckon some woman just can’t decide against new bowls or a doormat.

I have no idea if this giant clothes pin was part of this curtain or if it is sold by itself, but what is remarkable is that they are selling giant clothes pins for any reason if you think about it.

The bath rugs didn’t make her behind look as big as these jeans.

Sunglasses. Someone was carrying around a half dozen sunglasses and decided that maybe a half dozen poster prints was a better idea?

No novelty bowl for you. You get couch covers.

Someone made a real mess out of some photograph frames, fairly far from where they originated. Maybe they were overcome by the liquid incense bottles?

This was likely a wise idea.

These things were all over the place, plastic “Easter Eggs”. It’s just that time of year.

A tooth brush instead of a stethoscope.

More camouflage eggs in strange places.

Abandoned dinosaur, victim of another ill tempered mother and misbehaving child.

Clean clothes are obviously more important than clean dishes.

This also makes a certain kind of sense.

More Easter stuff.

More Easter stuff…

I wasn’t making this up, the implications are disturbing…

Doggy toys in the doggy food section.

I stand behind the concept of books instead of toys.

Who needs to go outside and fish when you can just buy the video game?

We will flourish again!


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2 responses to “Hmmm…

  1. Krista

    You are so very strange. This is, perhaps, why I like you so much. 😉

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