Fitness Report 19Feb10

Waist – 42″

Weight – 224.0 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 31.9%(scale)/29.9%*

Overweight by – 35 pounds

Exercising – 2 days jogging, 2 days kendo, 1 day in the golf simulator

Dieting – Still off the diet

I feel – Tired but “good tired”.

This is a little late being published; I had an active week and a full weekend. Instead of the usual A.F.C. comparison I used a different website I got off of a Y! search. It had a lot of information on it about BMI and a bunch of other stuff, but I didn’t look too closely at the website itself. It had “psychic”, and it only listed me as fifty pounds over weight, so, whatever. I felt really good about last week, but I’m already bummed about this week. I skipped out on kendo Monday to try and catch up on my reading for school and do some laundry. My house is a wreck, and it probably will be until Spring Break. I get into these “winter funks”, and it’s normally pretty hard on me. I am a relentless optimist, however. The cold weather also makes my knee hurt. I used to think things like that were just “old wives tales”, but there it is. Old wives probably know a lot more than they’re given credit for.

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