First Club Practices of Semester & NRA Membership

It takes a while to get back going after the winter break. First it was learning all my new classes, then it was University of Kansas basketball games making practices impossible. This week I finally got to my sport clubs at KU, and I also started jogging again. It sucks having to jog with a knee brace on, but until I can come up with the money to get my surgery that’s just the way it’s going to be. I haven’t done much exercise since I hurt my knee, the last thing I really put a lot of effort into being the Chicago Kendo Tournament. When I started jogging I was surprised that I easily made my goal for that workout. I wasn’t surprised when I hurt so much afterward. But the next day (yesterday) I did two hours of fencing and two hours of kendo. KU Kendo is fast and hard, and coming after the fencing class I burned out quickly. I could barely lift my arms to swing! It was great to be back, though.

Also, I got my National Rifle Association membership kit in the mail the other day. I got a membership card and a hat. The hat was fairly decent for a cheapo thing, and I actually wore it to school yesterday. They also sent me a bunch of papers asking for more money, which is funny because I just bought my membership. You’d think they’d at least put those requests in a second mailing. “Thanks for your annual dues, give us more money!” But supporting the Second Amendment is something I firmly believe in. I’ve been reluctant to participate in national organizations in the past, and I still am, but the NRA seems to be a solid thing. Not to mention that I’m dreading a repeat of the Clinton era anti-gun legislation. I took a class with my younger son at the Lawrence community center, where the local gun club has an indoor shooting range, so now that I have my NRA membership I can get my club membership at a discount, and my NRA membership will help them keep their NRA insurance. I’ve got two new pistols I have yet to shoot, and it’s driving me crazy.

I am so sore today…


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  1. Welcome to NRA, Max!

    I too become frustrated with all the fundraising junkmail they send out; even dropped my membership for a couple of years, but rejoined during the Clinton thing. They are certainly a solid organization with a lot of clout.


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