Fitness Report 1Jan10

Waist – 41″

Weight – 225.8 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 32.59%(scale)/29%(A.F.C.)

Overweight by – 37 pounds

Exercising – Eh, no, holiday and weather giving me bad excuses

Dieting – See above

I feel – Happy and well rested

December is a harsh bitch when it comes to losing weight. First you get the stress of finals, then come the holidays. I started off December stress eating, totally off my schedule and out of my health foods, scavenging leftovers and eating food in the Kansas Union from the convenience store there. Then the holidays moved in and it was cake and candy and feasting and eating out with Dad because he’s on vacation three or four times a week. As a result I gained back a couple more pounds last month. But this is New Year’s Day! I get to look back on the year over all and look forward to the entire next year! In 2009 I started off around 250 pounds and earned a low of 211 pounds. I gained back fifteen of the pounds I had lost after a knee injury caused me to break my stride. My total for 2009 is a loss of about 25 pounds, and a full year of feeling and looking healthy. Heading into 2010 I am full of confidence. I have reminded myself what I can do, remembered with crystal clarity what it is I can be and been validated by the efforts I put forth on every front. I am going to make 2010 mine, and my goal is to make it under 200 pounds in the first six months of 2010, and make my screening weight of 189 pounds by this time next year.

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