Heathen Gods

My friend Mark Stinson has written and published a PDF collection of essays about Heathenry. Mark is the chieftain of Jotuns Bane Kindred (JBK) out of Kansas City, Missouri, a Heathen tribe. Mark and JBK weren’t the first Heathens I met, but they were the first I had long, in depth discussions about what Heathenry was all about with. At the time I had left the Catholic Church and was beginning my ongoing flirtation with Buddhism, but what I found in the discussions with the members of JBK was something life affirming and positive that I had been seeking for a long time. After many discussions, a few heated arguments and not a few friendly pints at pubmoots, I decided that Heathenry was a piece of the puzzle I needed to sort myself out, and I haven’t looked back.

Mark wrote many of these essays on the forum of heathen gods, and they sparked many interesting discussions and some of my own essays as replies in which I worked out my own beliefs. Mark and I don’t agree on everything, but not only do we agree on enough, I’ve seen what good his actions based on his beliefs can do. At the risk of sounding overly flattering, Jotun’s Bane Kindred truly are the right people at the right time, a well balanced group that is an energetic and dynamic fountain of good ideas and good works. If I had found anything less when I was looking into Heathenry, I might not be calling myself Asatruar today.

I highly recommend anyone to read Mark’s writings, and this 216 page PDF can be downloaded either from my own library here at “Romantic Antihero”, or directly from Mark’s “Temple of our Heathen Gods” here. If you’re confused about what it is that Heathens believe, or if you’re hearing the call of the Folk and looking to find your way home, Mark’s down to earth style of writing and very personal narrative voice makes Heathenry accessible.

Mark is a man of many talents, and while I’m pushing his Heathenry book I may as well mention his other projects: Void Pulp Press, his comic and art label, and Ghost Vigil Investigations, a paranormal investigators group.


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