Family History Visual Archives Project

Family is important to me. Those who came before us, those who are with us and those who are yet to come. A while ago I was rummaging through a closet in my parents house and came across a box of photographs. I remembered that this was a box of photographs that were “waiting to be sorted”, presumably into albums, like the ones I can’t currently find. I’ve had several photo albums over the years, and I really can’t tell you what happened to most of them. Which is a shame. I determined that one of the things I would do is scan important photographs and preserve them digitally. There are many, many pictures that I will never get to see again, and I don’t want that to happen to the ones I still have. Boxes get lost, thrown out accidentally, water damaged, et cetera. It’s important not just so I can go back and look at photos of my own friends and fun times, but that generations down the road can know who their ancestors were. I enjoy discovering new photographs of my family, people I’ve never met and people I’ve never known as young folks. It’s crazy looking at pictures of my own parents where they’re younger than I am, really fun. Here are some samples of the photos I’m saving for the future:

My mother in the 1960s looking like Jacki O., or Dr. Girlfriend for younger readers…

Four generations of kinfolk from my mother’s side of the family, fathers and sons in a line. Way cool.

My grandfather Maxwell during WWII.

These things are important. We need to make the effort to preserve the memories of our family for the future.


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