Jumping Off The Bench

This evening, Thursday 18Nov09, I pulled myself out of my injury induced “exercise depression”. I was sitting in my media room making excuses not to go to my club activities today when I faced the reality that this is what I was doing. I had got myself into some very good exercise habits, had made it a part of my regular life and existence. The results of that made me feel great and pushed me a long way toward my goals. Re-injuring my knee forced me to take a break from that which was providing me with so much progress and pleasure. A month on the bench while all that positive energy slowly drains away, and I become lazy and sedentary again.

Screw that. That’s not who I am. I told myself that if I missed out on tonight then it was just going to be that much easier for me to make excuses next week. Going to the kendo tournament this past weekend helped a lot to shake the cobwebs out of my brain on this issue, that’s for sure. I had a great time, but I wasn’t able to do the best kendo that I possibly could, and not just due to performance anxiety. I think that I did pretty good for my level of experience, but I wonder how much better I could have been if I had fought those fights at the level of readiness I was at before I twisted my knee. Knowing I could have done better if I had followed through with the intention to get to practice as soon as the doctor cleared me, well, that just bothers me.

Also, I gained back about ten pounds and one inch on the waist. And that bothers me too. I’ve got lazy about my exercise and my diet and now I’m backsliding. So I’m back off the bench, and for now I’m back on the wagon. Alcohol is liquid calories, and I had the benefit of being on a medicine that didn’t allow me to drink it for several months. I have been known to consume large quantities of the stuff, and that’s not good for the belly and thighs. I’m not the booze hound I used to be by any stretch, but I could drink even less, I know. I believe I mentioned it before in a Fitness Report, but I reiterate here that I am not engaging in recreational drinking until I am safely below two-hundred pounds. Also, I quit smoking for good. That’s not all that dramatic when you consider that I only smoked the occasional cigar or pipe, but it’s something my doctors have been harping on me about for years.

For the record, I had a great time tonight back at fencing and kendo. I’m pretty sure that I am going to remain in the fencing club in the spring semester. I haven’t had enough of it yet, and I seem to have taken to it fairly well. I showed up late tonight but managed to get in a lot of good bouting, and I think I even managed to start learning something. It felt even better to get back to the KU Kendo Club, speaking of good sparring. I practiced kata the hour between fencing and kendo, which is something I need to continue to do. I don’t do enough kata. And speaking of kata, it’s been a good three weeks since I’ve been to iaido class. It’s time to start back at that, even though I have no idea how long it will be before I’m able to do the seiza waza.

I’m back, yo.


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