Fitness Report 16Oct09

Waist – 39.75″

Weight – 215.2 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 27% / 31.7%

Overweight by – 26.2 pounds

Exercising – No. Doctor has forbidden it.

Dieting – Totally off the wagon.

I feel – Tired, anxious, irritated because I can’t exercise.

Totally pissed off about not being about to participate in sports or do any walking or jogging. I’ve been taking Ibuprofin and putting an icepack on my knee, and it feels a lot better, so I guess this has been worth it. I can get myself into the sonkyo squatting position for kendo, something that I couldn’t have done a week ago. It doesn’t feel so great, but I can do it. I reckon I should be OK be tournament time. I’m on Fall Break right now, so I get to rest and catch up on reading and housework. Mostly I’m just sitting around the house and feeling irritated. Got to get in to see the doc next week and get cleared to practice again.

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