I just got back from seeing a sports medicine doctor (or at least a doctor that does sports medicine) up here at KU, and I’ve been benched. Which sucks, because I’ve come to define a large part of myself from being competitively active in the last year. I never imagined myself in this situation, where a doctor telling me that I couldn’t even walk around a track would cause me such distress.

The doctor believes that it all goes back to when I developed patella pain syndrome in the Army, and she was surprised when I told her that they never had me in physical therapy. But there it is, I was just one of thousands of GIs who needed to be marching NOW instead of later, I guess. Bad knees is one of those accepted conditions of being in the infantry, like a car loan with a terrible interest rate or a messy divorce…

But anyway, I’m sitting here in the KU Main Library stewing over this. I’m going to the club practices tonight anyway, I’m just not going to participate. I’ve paid my dues, I’m a member of both clubs and damned if I’m not going to be there. At least this way I can catch up on my reading for Intro to Fiction and Geology tonight. Maybe.

Seven times down, eight times up.


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