Fitness Report 2Oct09

Waist – 39.5″

Weight – 212.8 lbs

Body Fat Percentage – 26% / 32%

Overweight by – 23.8 pounds

Exercising – Doing sport club activities, but I haven’t had time to do other exercising this week

Dieting – Mostly, though I’ve had too many sandwiches out of the house this week

I feel – Exhuasted

I used to scoff at people who were happy they lost anything less than six pounds. Back when I was drinking a lot of beer and eating at the buffet all the time I could lose five pounds in one good bowel movement. After my initial rush of weight loss I started to slow down significantly around 220lbs.  All the gains after that have been creeping, and now that I’m much closer to my target weight and seeing how difficult the “home stretch” can be, I have a different appreciation for the smaller victories. Another factor is that my left knee is still hurting me, and even yesterday I injured it again, something that has gotten a lot easier to do. This may be the one I never fully recover from. We’ll see. Making the time to do some walking/jogging again will help too.

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